What you need for a woodworking shop? – Woodworking Business 20 Essential Tools

The Woodshop

If you’re like me, getting a woodshop to make custom components has been a lot of fun as I learn about the wonderful material nature has to offer and use the woodshop to design and lay out a prototype in 3D. After building my first working prototype, I was hooked!

The following video is a small glimpse of the type of tool I purchased, and was so thrilled to use and learn more about!

We’re now at 3 months and a few prototypes in and the results are not only spectacular, but they all worked perfectly. The only real drawback was the inability to drill 1.5″ hole for the bolt.

This project has grown into a full time job, not to mention the tooling for my workshop has been paid in full and I’m building a full scale workshop with a working bench! I can honestly say I never thought I’d buy myself something to do woodwork (and I’m proud to say the tools I’ve purchased have actually changed the way I work), but I’ve also grown greatly as a craftsman and the process has made me extremely excited to learn more and share my techniques.

Our woodworks

We can now make a full scale woodwork shop that is about the size of a living room.

The first prototype is being built in the wood shop. I’m still working on the design.

I will update this page with progress on other projects and our progress.

The woodworking will be available on a variety of sizes.

Our plan is to have multiple tools for all types of woodworking and in all material ranges; from 6″ x 20″ to 6′ x 10′.

Here is an early look at the first prototype of the benchtop that I have and am working on.

So what are you waiting for? Get out your tools and let the wood work begin!

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