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Crafty person in a bar. (Photo: Flickr/David DeWitt)

7. Tic tac toe: What’s trending in crafty apparel?

“Shoes that look a bit like tic tac toe, like socks and socks and gloves. Those things look like that,” says Adam O’Connor, founder and CEO of Alyssa, where he designs and manufactures accessories and clothing.

“I would say that the biggest thing that gets people excited and intrigued is when someone finds out what the trend is.”

8. Sock party: What’s trending in craft-forward sneakers?

“I think the sock party trend is amazing, but it’s not for everyone, I can tell you that much,” notes Ben Smith, co-founder and creative director of the London-based footwear blog The Sneaker Report, who, like most of us, has been doing some sock partying for some time, too.

“But every year it gets more and more people into the idea [and] getting back into socks,” he adds.

9. Fidget spinners: What’s trending in handmade toys?

“I would definitely say that there is a fidget spinner trend, and one of my favorites is the TicTac Toys—they’re awesome, but they’re a little bit pricey,” says Smith.

“Also, some of the more creative ones that I’ve seen and really loved were the ones that were made in the shape of Fidget Cube, so that just makes me laugh, it always gets me crazy,” he says.

10. Sock party party: What’s trending in craft beer?

“I think the beer drinker of the month is always pretty much on the same page as the beer drinker of the year, although this time it’s probably more fun [because] everything is trending,” notes Adam O’Connor. “The craft beer trend is becoming pretty popular because, frankly, most craft beer drinkers are still not that into craft beer,” he adds.

11. Swirlies: What’s trending in craft-forward swimwear?

“I know all about them because I’m the founder of a label called Stocksy,” says Amanda Scott, founder of the London-based Swimsuits for the Arts, which is one of the only brands with a swag style line with over 2,500 pieces to own.

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